Yes! You Can Be an Entrepreneur!

Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be. – W. Clement Stone

Have you been thinking about, dreaming about, or speculating about what it would be like to be an entrepreneur? Have you put the thought aside because you aren’t sure you can do it?

Me too…once upon a time.

However, after spending most of my life in corporate and after going through a career transition, I’m living proof that – as self made billionaire entrepreneur Reid Hoffman says in this article – ANYONE can be an entrepreneur.

And everyone must begin to think like one, whether you have a J-O-B or whether you are currently unemployed (believing you are unemployable) and wondering how the heck you are going to make a living now.

A woman who attended one of my recent speaking engagements shared how she has started thinking like an entrepreneur. She works part time at healthy, upscale grocery – doing a job she really enjoys. She has a passion for health. She spends much of her spare time learning and researching and reading about all things relating to health. But she hadn’t considered that she could do something to generate an income with what she’s learning.

After the presentation, she realized it COULD be possible to take her passion and what she’s learning about health and do something unique that will keep her excited and might generate another stream of income.  All she needs to get started is her imagination, inspiration, and a dash of daring.

The best part was watching her light up with curiosity. Her eyes started to sparkle as she considers new possibilities. It will be great fun to see what inspired ideas she comes up with and where her imagination goes from here. I believe she has the dash of daring required to make it work. I see an entrepreneur in the making!


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