The feeling that I had when I met with Sue to discuss career options has never left me. As Sue listened intently to my rambling on about my current situation, she noticed an immediate change come over me.

“When you started speaking about that, Mary, your face completely lit up!”

That is when she first explained about being in the energy of creativity and abundance as much as possible so I could keep seeing myself 'doing what I love and am passionate about' on a daily basis. So I search out those experiences that keep me in that high energy and I created a vision statement that states those favorite experiences.

It's contagious now. I see others light up when they hit their passion nerve, watch their face transform with a big smile over their face.

Mary Grimes
Senior Branch Administrator, Edward Jones
Sue's passion for coaching is rooted in her intense love for people and her desire to see everyone move up to their potential. I admire her insight in understanding hidden traps. She is tactful yet surgically precise. She can be your friend but she does not shy away from the truth. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Chebel Mina
Residential Mortgage
I highly recommend Sue as a Career and Life Coach. She has an innate skill to hone in on what lights you up, what's really you and where you should put your focus. She enables you to help yourself stay on track and achieve your goals all the time doing what you truly love. Booking time with Sue is a great value of anyone's money and time.

Barbara Hogan
Barbara Hogan Insurance Services, Inc.
Sue is a great coach, particularly for people going through transitions, such as from career to career or from career to retirement. I frequently recommend that my Life Purpose Coaching clients work with Sue to find the perfect career to match their Life Purpose. She is caring, professional, intuitive and effective!

Caroll Schwartz
Personal Success Coach
There can be a lot of resistance for people when it comes to coaching. I know I am one of them for sure. Being a business network-er, I have met a lot of Coaches that I never really felt like they really cared for the clients they were trying to help. Then I met Sue and instantly inside of our 1st hour long conversation it showed that she really did care and took time to understand the circumstances and how to deal to them.

If you are not sure, have Sue do a <a title="Personal Insights Profile" href="https://3squarescoaching.com/coaching-programs/three-squares-behavior-style-profile/" target="_blank">behavioral assessment </a>and go from there. I really enjoyed that and confirmed a lot I knew about myself already and also learned new strengths I did not know I had.

I strongly recommend and TRUST Sue "Coach" Koch

Jarrett Gucci
Dynasty Web Solutions
January Jumpstart was a great experience! I intended to get assistance in accomplishing goals I thought were out of my reach. The course gave me the support, structures and tools I needed to make my dreams a reality — much more than I received in other goal setting courses I have participated in. I especially liked the one-on-one coaching session I had with Coach Sue because when I was stuck, she helped me get past it.

Alex Boys
January Jumpstart provided a support system that energized my passion and my heart!  I was able to see my goals on paper and recognize which are most important to me right now.  The accountability aspect of the group is exactly what I needed.  I feel blessed to have the tools to make my goals a reality!

Tanya Salcido
January Jumpstart has given me the tools and knowledge to fulfill whatever Big FAT JUICY goal I want in life.  The goal I chose to work on first was something I had completely dismissed because I had failed last year.  Instead of making it a ‘should do’ goal, I turned it around and have made it fun, challenging and exciting.  I never thought I could have that type of a reaction…The tools techniques and knowledge were the most valuable part of the course for me.  I know see a clear path through the forest for me to make my Big, Juicy Goals a reality.”

Linda Joseph-Turek
Silver Moon Photography
I have worked with Sue Koch for over a year and have found Sue to be an excellent resource, colleague, and friend. Sue has years of experience in utilizing several insightful tools around Style, and how a person’s style can be used to increase their effectiveness in business and personal interaction. I have the ability and access to utilize the DISC profiling tools in my ActionCOACH business, but I chose to utilize Sue with each of my clients, as Sue has so much experience and expertise in the process, that I and my Clients receive significantly better results and insights by utilizing Sue's services.

Jay McDowell
Sue's a coaching ninja! i had the opportunity to work with Coach Koch while in the midst of a career change. She helped me gain tremendous personal insight and discover a new career path that aligns my mind, body and soul. Thank you for the gift of clarity, Sue! Who knows how long I would have been searching for my purpose hadn't you come along!

Ryan Rausch