Thank you for introducing me to the "Accountability Buddy" experience in January Jumpstart. In the past I've been one of those people who often became overwhelmed because it never occurred to me to "air my problems / issues" or to depend on anyone but me to define and accomplish all the necessary tasks to complete a a project that I own. In buried myself in minutia and gave up.

The buddy experience is a wonderful tool that completely changed my outlook on asking for and accepting help. It's amazing how the biggest stumbling block can be brought back to manageable size just by regularly talking to someone who understand the project AND me! The buddy experience delivers a dynamic energy and enthusiasm increase that is absolutely powerful. It restores my strength when I am feeling defeated and gives a wonderful boost to my self worth when I can do the same for my buddy.

Thank you! This is a life tool I will keep using for the rest of my life!

Toni Federe
I have known Sue Koch for many years and worked with her on many professional projects.  Sue provides an important and powerful service to the business and public community. The personal insights tools she uses with her clients to help them understand their behavior styles and the focus of their passions are critical to anyone fully understanding which direction they should move forward in their personal and professional life. I highly recommend Sue Koch to anyone who is seeking to fine tune their future direction in life.

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins
Performance Production Services
I wanted to use the Personal Insights Profile to understand what my skills are and what contributes to my flourishing in a position so that I can target appropriate positions accordingly. The Personal Insights Profile helped me to understand why I am struggling with my current job and why certain past jobs were short-lived. I now see what conditions must be present for me to thrive in a position. This service is very helpful for anyone wanting to make a career change or advance in their career

Rebecca Gallivan
I wanted to share something that is kind of miraculous that's come out of the January Jumpstart.  I have my own business and it's barely sustaining me. I didn't choose to use that as my Big Dream for the course - it didn't seem like it was fun enough and I wanted something fun.

But through the coaching what has happened is that my feelings around my business have shifted. I love what I do but whenever I thought about my business I got tense and stressed. Underneath my enthusiastic facade, I was pretty sure I would fail at it. Somewhere during the course, I started feeling my business differently. I realized I had never given myself permission to believe that I would succeed beyond my wildest dreams and let myself feel what that would feel like. LIttle by little, what has grown is a warm center of confidence and certainty that, not only can I do it, but I AM doing it.  Thank you more than I can say...

Karen Schmedeke
Brandcraft Design
My intention in January Jumpstart was to establish a plan for achieving my goals this year. I now not only have a plan, but I have an inspiring vision that gives me my “why” and sets the tone for my goals. My “breakthrough” came when I figured out that the goal I set for myself fell flat in the excitement department and I went back to revisit what I really wanted. It was a great experience. The exercises were very helpful and the content was thought provoking.

Sandy Cramer
In January Jumpstart, my intention was to re-ignite my lifelong passion for working in broadcast media, provide a structure to assist in following through, and reconnect with my heart’s desire to return to broadcast media. The course illustrated that things I saw as blockages to achieving my goal were things that actually require a strategy to resolve. I learned that the key to keeping my goal alive is to consistently re-create the feeling that’s present for me while involved in activities connected with that goal. Coach Sue is unquestionably passionate and committed to seeing participants achieve what they want in their lives. There is no question in my mind that the course was and is extremely valuable. I’m back on the road to creating my life!

Steve Klemin
Soundscape Web Radio
In the Goals in Motion Mastermind course, my goal was to find my dream job. In the process of completing the weekly  “success-ercises” I am overcoming my internal beliefs and challenges. I started to realize that I can do things I thought I couldn’t do! I want to keep this energy and belief in all areas of my life, and I am excited about it.

I got tremendous support from my fellow Masterminders which helped me to realize my own power, and to believe and overcome doubt and fear in the face of many unknowns as I search for what’s next. My faith in God has grown stronger than before.

Eunice Chen
I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how AMAZING our coaching session was.  I now have an idea of next steps, an accountability plan, complete buy-in from my husband (who I inadvertently enrolled as I explained enthusiastically how our session went), and 10x more enthusiasm for my business idea.  I choose my vision, which includes flexible mornings and early evenings to be with my family and make memories!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited!

Sandy Jones
Sue Koch has been my angel and my consummate coach. She knows exactly when to encourage me gently or boldly. She has been an invaluable partner to me on this journey of writing children's books by guiding and inspiring me to abandon fear and do the thing that I love! Without her selfless support, it would have been easy to give up when no one was looking, but my calls with her have reminded me how much pursuing my passion matters to me and to the world. Sue's coaching has added possibility to my life which I could not manage alone. This allows me to continue to climb the mountain toward realizing my childhood dreams of becoming an author. Thank you Sue!

Elleen Heagen