A Mastermind Program for People With Impossible Dreams!

YOU’RE READY! There is more out there for you and you know it. Now…how do you make it happen?

In today’s world, you need every advantage you can get to increase your efficiency and reduce the time required to produce successful results in whatever area matters to you!

The Answer is the Goals in Motiontm Mastermind Program!

This program provides a proven mastermind method for generating results quickly with appreciably less effort.

What is a Goals in Motiontm Mastermind Program?

A mastermind group or program is the gathering of of two or more people for the purpose of accomplishing more together than any of them could accomplish on their own. In intentional relationships with other people, each person’s growth expands as do the number of opportunities.

How Does the Goals in Motiontm Mastermind Program Work?

In one or two facilitated Goals in Motiontm mastermind sessions per month (over a six-month period) with Coach Sue and your Mastermind Partners, you generate ideas, design actions, and build incredibly supportive relationships in a professional and confidential environment. You collaborate, brainstorm and receive a variety of perspectives to help you jump start your dreams and take effective action!

Step 1: It starts with a Vision!

  • Create a powerful and inspiring vision that stimulates your thinking and accelerates your success.
  • Leverage the knowledge and support of other talented professionals to help you form, crystallize and document your vision
  • Stay present to and focused on your powerful vision via your Mastermind partners who believe in your vision with you and for you.

Step 2: Turn Your Vision into a Powerful Yet Playful Plan!

  • Develop fun and exciting strategies and techniques that inspire you to achieve your goals
  • Leverage the knowledge of your Mastermind partners to accelerate your learning curve for faster results
  • Break through your inside-the-box limitations with the help of your Mastermind partners

Step 3:  Joyfully Walk Your Talk!

  • Stay on track to turn your vision into reality with the support of your Mastermind partners
  • Increase your performance and productivity through supportive accountability and feedback in a confidential, encouraging and uplifting environment
  • Stay open to surprises, serendipity, and miracles!

In addition, you will:

  • Generate long-lasting relationships and powerful alliances
  • Receive ongoing coaching throughout your six-month commitment
  • Have Access to special previews about upcoming events and courses at special rates.


KellyI find that having to report in to the group on a regular basis really makes me more conscious of what I’m working to achieve with my personal life and my business.  I set out to grow my business substantially in 2012 and being a part of the Mastermind Group was key to making that happen. It really helps me be accountable to myself.   It’s also a great opportunity to access some peers for support when you’ve run out of ideas or just need some support.

Kelly Weppler Hernandez, WH & Associates, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


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