Individual Coaching

What is It?

Individual Coaching is about action! It’s preparation, training, and development for you to develop mastery in creating and manifesting your dreams and goal.

As in sports, a coach acts as an observer of your plays on the field or on the court of your life. A coach sees things from the sidelines that players may miss because they are engrossed in playing the game.

In the game of creating your best life, you may become so engrossed that you miss seeing opportunities that could take your life to the winner’s circle. Or, you may have blind spots that stop you from going after your most treasured visions, dreams and goals.

Together, through our coaching relationship, you and I collaborate to discover what’s missing, the presence of which could make a difference. We design actions that produce the result you desire, which is to win your unique and inspired game of living with Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck®.

Are you ready to develop mastery over yourself, your life, and your career – the kind of mastery that produces extraordinary results? Are you ready to become the Sexy Master Builder of your destiny?

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What is the Process?

Action Step 1 –Your complimentary consultation serves these purposes:

  • To help me learn about you and your goals
  • To hear from you about what you think gets in your way
  • To give you a flavor of what coaching with me would be like
  • To help you determine which program best serves your needs
  • To answer your questions so you can make an informed choice about going forward

Action Step 2 – Complete a Personal Insights Profile

Should you choose to go forward, you will complete a Personal Insights Profile, which offers you a deeper understanding of yourself, how you think, and what drives you into action. This awareness alone opens the door to immediate increases in your confidence, performance, appreciation of your strengths, and compassion for, rather than judgment of, your weaknesses.

Once you’ve completed your profile, we’ll review it together during our first coaching session. By the end of that session, you’ll understand how you can apply what you learn to move forward with creating and accomplishing your Sexy Goals and dreams. And I will understand how to best coach you in a way that aligns with your behavior style.

Action Step 3 – Begin Your Coaching Program

You and I will schedule regular coaching sessions that best accommodates your schedule. During each session, we’ll discuss your progress, determine your next steps, discuss your challenges, and celebrate your milestones and victories.

There is no better time than now for action. Are you ready?

  • To retire and create a whole new life that includes staying vibrant, active, and engaged?
  • To design your life your way and on your terms?
  • To start a new career or business that fulfills you and provides others with a great experience?
  • To overcome roadblocks to your career success?
  • To design a life that’s filled with Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck®?

What are you waiting for?

Stop being swallowed alive by a rat race that drains your time, energy, and talent!

Start designing and building an active and productive “Sexy Second Act” career and lifestyle that gives your life passion and purpose!

There will never be a “right” time to start, only YOUR time to choose. Why not now?

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