Goals in Motion: How to Make Goal Setting Sexy Again

Does this sound familiar?

  • You hate setting goals
  • You’ve become cynical and you avoid setting goals or making New Year resolutions because it never works anyway
  • You get bogged down by obstacles and decide you’re better off abandoning your goals or not setting them at all.

I get it. Setting goals and sticking to them is tough to do on your own. It’s easier and more fun co-creating and getting support from a community of like-minded people. Sharing your dreams and exchanging support with like-minded people helps you generate ideas, get feedback, and “un-stick” yourself so you can move powerfully forward to achieve your most heartfelt and meaningful Sexy Goals.

Are You Ready to Finally Achieve Your Sexy Goals with Passion, Joy and Ease?

I’ve Unlocked the Secret for You!

I tested many “tried and true” goal-setting techniques without success . . . until I discovered the secret to reaching and exceeding the goals I set for my business and my life. Now, I am excited to share what I’ve learned with you!

I’ve developed a fun and effective six-week program that offers you a unique approach to Sexy Goal-Setting that will shatter the roadblocks that have stood between you and achieving them – until now!

In five 60-minute sessions and one 90-minute support and celebrate session, you’ll learn how to identify your sexiest, most important goals and how to manifest them into reality. I will personally guide you every step of the way to identify and act on at least one goal you are excited to achieve.

I will teach you how to overcome obstacles and transform your old, limiting beliefs into new, empowering beliefs. You will finally learn the secret to creating Sexy Goals that matter and which will lead you to a life that is fun, fulfilling and rewarding!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this powerful course:

Goals in Motiontm – Session #1 – Dancing with Desire!

Setting Sexy Goals starts with desire. We often pursue “should” goals rather than “must” goals. In Session #1, you’ll learn the difference. You’ll get keys to help you unlock the door to your own unique treasure chamber of desires that lead to your designing clear, specific, Sexy Goals that matter to you.

Goals in Motiontm – Session #2 – Get in Touch with Your Passion!

You’ll delve deeper into your unique possibilities to identify which ones you are most passionate about. You’ll learn to differentiate between boring “comfortable” goals and exhilarating goals that inspire you into action!

Goals in Motiontm – Session #3 – Create Passionate, Sexy Goals that Matter!

You’ll learn the secret for turning dreams into meaningful, passionate, and actionable Sexy Goals, based on what you’ve identified as peak experiences in Session #2.

Goals in Motiontm – Session #4 – Demolish the Roadblocks to Sexy Goal Setting!

Have you set goals in the past and then felt your joy and excitement quickly fade away? You’ll learn how to re-energize your Sexy Goals and stay inspired to make it to the finish line. You’ll learn how to identify roadblocks that stop you and how to demolish them once and for all! With a clear road, free of obstacles, you’ll accomplish your passionate goals faster than you ever dreamed possible!

Goals in Motiontm – Session #5 – Put Your Passion into Action – by Design

You’ll discover simple and powerful ways to implement your goals and how to get the support you need to successfully achieve them without stress, worry or feelings of overwhelm. Pursuing your Sexy Goals was never this much FUN! You’ll be inspired to hit the ground running.

Goals in Motiontm – Session #6 – Congratulations! You’ve Nailed It! Time to Support and Celebrate Designing Sexy Goals that Matter. Now, you are Ready to Put Them into Motion!

You’ve done the work. You’ve got at least one Sexy Goal you are excited to accomplish. You will likely have more than one exciting goal in your goal “pipeline.” In this final session, you’ll learn how to create a structure that keep you in motion as you set Sexy Goals now and forever. It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments and declare your intentions and actions going forward.

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