You Are Never Too Old for One More Adventure!

“When I dream, I am ageless” ~ Elizabeth Coatsworth

My heart sings whenever I see a video or hear a story like the one about a woman 104 years old who reclaimed her record for being the oldest female to tandem paraglide. You just have to love her spunk!

It takes spunk to create an Encore Career or Lifestyle! It’s so easy to get caught up in one or more of the following ways of thinking:

  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
  • It’s too late for me to go back to school
  • Technology is just too hard to learn
  • They’ll never hire someone my age
  • I can’t change fields (or start a business) at my age

All those things are true if you believe them! What if you instead followed Peggy’s example and believed that you are never too old to have one more adventure? What if you believed in the definition of “encore” as described in Webster’s as being “a second achievement, especially one that surpasses the first”?

A former client raised her hand at a recent event where I was speaking to remind me of a coaching session we had a few years ago. She didn’t see herself ever texting or using a smart phone. I could see this becoming a huge obstacle to growing her fledgling “encore” business but she resisted the idea of embracing technology.

She told us that she eventually saw the impact resisting technology had on her business. And then she proudly displayed her smart phone and talked about how she is now texting and even teaching others how to use certain applications!

She was smiling from ear to ear and her eyes were twinkling with delight! She sparkled with youthful vitality! Is it a surprise that her “Encore” beauty consulting business is thriving beyond her wildest dreams?

If you have a little voice within you telling you that you are too old to start something new, but you feel a whisper of “wow” watching Peggy soar, then I invite you to pay attention to your “Wow” voice and send your “I Can’t” voice scrambling for cover.  Take a ride with your dreams of adventure. Remind yourself that you are never too old to let the wind take you to new heights of joy and wonder that makes your eyes twinkle with delight.


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