Staying True to the Power of a Dream

Being on a tightrope is living; everything else is waiting. ~ Karl Wallenda

Did you watch? Were you transfixed as Nik Wallenda walked across Niagra Falls on a tightrope with almost nothing between him and catastrophe but his faith in the power of a dream?

Everything I believe in when it comes to staying true to the power of a dream was right there.

  • He had a vision that came from his heart
  • He had a purpose and a passion
  • He was WILLING to take risks and overcome whatever obstacles got in his way
  • His vision kept him strong and focused to do what he needed to do to prepare for, plan, and execute his dream
  • There will be a paycheck – money yes, but more important, there will be the excitement and fulfillment of knowing that he did it!

How many people do you think were inspired by his dream? Are you?

Sure, there were probably naysayers who thought he would fail, maybe even a few who hoped he would. But for the most part, I believe people wanted him to win.

Some people think dreams like these are crazy. I believe they are INSPIRED. I believe they give the rest of us hope that our dreams can come true too. The power of a dream is that we are reminded that worthy dreams must be big enough to scare us.

Okay, there are no guarantees. But my own experience has shown me that giving up on dreams is allowing yourself to die just a little bit. The good news is that you can recover any time you choose the power of a dream over safety.

Are you ready to believe in the power of YOUR dream? If the answer is yes, begin today. Start visioning your dream daily. As Wallenda suggests, keep your “focus on the other side”. Picture yourself running to victory! Picture the world celebrating with you! Imagine how the fulfillment of your dream might inspire others. Imagine what THAT feels like!

(Watch the story of Wallenda’s Niagra Falls Walk.)


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