Want an Encore Career? Tap Into Your Core Genius!

In most cases, your core genius is directly tied to your passions and life purpose. ~Jack Canfield

Many people come into career and life coaching thinking that coaching will “fix” something they feel is “broken” in their lives or about them. At the same time, they feel anxious that whatever it is they’ve decided is “broken” may not be “fixable”.

What I love best about career and life coaching is helping clients give up the notion that anything about them is “broken”. Instead, they get breathing room to absorb and appreciate their uniqueness. Seeing clients relax into accepting and falling in love with who they are is one of my favorite things to watch.

With breathing room comes space to create. When people relax, their natural curiosity comes out to play and their minds and hearts open up to new possibilities. They invent new actions that align with what author Jack Canfield calls their “core genius” – skills that come easily and effortlessly and are fun.

Yes, there is sometimes work required to sweep away remnants of whatever limiting beliefs remain to tap into your core genius. But resistance is replaced by willingness, eagerness and excitement. With resistance out of the way, they can focus the majority of their efforts on designing a strategy and executing actions for creating a life that inspires and delights them.

And BINGO! Just like that, they pop themselves out of the maze of their hum-drum rat race to use their core genius in ways it was meant to be used…

– to fulfill on their life purpose!
– to contribute to JOY!
– to live life fully!
– to experience PASSION!
– to play BIGGER than they ever thought they could!

Is there a secret part of you who worries you are somehow “broken” and in need of repair? If there is, I invite you to give it up and get curious. What kind of juicy, succulent life would you live if you assumed you are perfect, whole and complete exactly the way you are…and the way you aren’t?

If you feel even one little quiver of excitement about what pops up in answer to that question, give yourself permission to take a teeny step (or a giant leap!) in the direction of your dream. And then another…and another. Before you know it, you’ll realize that tapping into your core genius to design your Encore Career was so simple you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


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