Remodeling Your Life After Divorce

One of the hardest things to do is figure out how to remodel your life after divorce.  Life as you know it has been demolished. You lost a relationship, a way of life, and perhaps a “happily ever after” dream.

You’re hurting and healing. Or maybe you haven’t even begun healing yet. Your self esteem may have taken a pretty big hit. You need time to get your feet under you and find your bearings.

But there will come a time when you stop sorting through the rubble and destruction to determine what you are going to do next with your life after divorce. That’s when you know you are ready to explore.

Putting your attention on something new is a great way to start moving your life forward after your divorce. It gets your eyes focused on the future rather than continuing to dredge up the past.

Your future may include a new job or a career change if you have been out of the work force for awhile. Looking great and feeling confident can feel challenging if you are still reeling from the after effects of your divorce.

A Behavior Style Profile Discovery Process can help you conquer self doubt and get you moving forward with anticipation. I recently worked with a client who is looking at what he wants to do with his life after divorce.

The first time we talked, he looked old, tired, and painfully sad.  It was a different story the second time we met to go through his results in greater detail. He had begun exploring things he was passionate about. He had ideas percolating and he saw where he could use his strengths to begin redesigning his life. Our debriefing showed him how he could bring his passion and his strengths together to begin rebuilding and creating his Sexy Second Act life and career.

He left our meeting with a little bit more zest and spring in his step. His eyes showed a bit more light and curiosity. It’s going to be fun to see what trails he will blaze over the next few months as he continues to gain clarity about his vision and direction.


If you want additional tips about how to remodel your life after divorce, listen in on this interview Coach Sue did with California Family Law Attorney Liz Camaur on Blog Talk Radio. Find out more about the Behavior Style Profile Discovery Process here.

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