Looking for a New Career? Think Like a 9-Year Old!

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.

~ Heraclitus

Looking for a new career can seem daunting. But what if it’s simpler than you realize? Maybe all it takes is thinking like a 9-year old.

Consider Caine’s Arcade.  His story can inspire anyone who is looking for a new career.

You start by “playing” with what you love.  When you do, something magical happens. Things start to evolve and take on a life of their own as people become inspired to step up and offer support.

Everyone wants to play. We learn best through “play”.

Here are the 5 Lessons Caine learned:

1 – Be Nice to Customers

When looking for a new career, everyone is your customer. You are “selling” your ideas, skills, and experience. You could start your Sexy Second Act from a fun idea. Sharing your idea may win you support from a potential “customer” who gets excited about what you are doing.  You never know who might show up to help you. Be nice to your “customers”.

2 – Do a business that is fun

Do you know an adult who would even dream of creating an arcade out of cardboard boxes? Our so-called “responsible” inner adult gets busy pooh-poohing the idea that anyone would ever play with something that wasn’t state of the art “cool”.

It’s already been done, our inner adult says. It’s crazy, it will never work.

And if we aren’t saying it to ourselves, our colleagues, friends and family say it. Maybe it’s time to think more like a 9-year old, ignore that stodgy inner “adult” and do a business that is fun.

3 – Do not give up

Omigosh! What amazing wisdom from a 9-year old! It’s so easy to give up when you are looking for a new career.  When you can’t see the outcome and your five senses tell you nothing you are doing is working, you want to bail.


Magic happens outside the realm of your five senses and in the realm of faith. Give faith a chance.

4 – Start with what you have

Take stock. Abundance surrounds you in the form of skills, talent, intelligence, your network, and your imagination. How can you put them to work to assist you in looking for a new career?

5 – Use recycled stuff

Recycling feels good.  Design ways to build your new career by recycling your skills in a fresh way that fits who you are and who you want to become.  

We think that’s pretty darn sexy! How can you apply these lessons to looking for a new career that allows you to be yourself?


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