Making Your Sexy Second Act Career Choice

Finding the work that you love is not complicated or difficult; there are no mysteries: it just requires clarity, choice and commitment. ~ Lance Secretan

Making your Sexy Second Act career choice sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it is. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

People sometimes come to me looking for instant answers about how to build a new career.  But just like remodeling your house, a life or career remodel takes time.

Designing and building anything is an act of creation. Can you think of anything beautiful, exciting or interesting that was built overnight?

Your first time around career choice may not have been designed by you. You may have “moved in” to a life that someone else planned and built for you. Or you may have made a “should” career choice that seemed practical even though you weren’t in love with it.

One of my clients made a practical career choice the first time around. He is now aware that this isn’t the career he really wants for the rest of his life.  But he feels like he would be dishonoring the financial sacrifice his parents made to provide him with a good education. That’s partially what’s holding him back from making a different career choice now.

He recently got married. He and his wife are looking forward to starting a family so there are new considerations that need to be handled before he can remodel his life.

There are steps he can take now to get clarity about what his next career choice might be.   Focusing on possible career options makes him feel less “trapped” in his current job.

He can create a blue print for how to get to a brighter future doing something he loves. He can begin putting resources in place for when he’s ready to make his move.

 Dreaming of building your Sexy Second Act career is a lot like dreaming of building your future dream house. You think about where you’d build it, how many rooms it will contain, what each room will be used for, and how you will decorate it.  Dreaming is a big part of the fun.

It works the same way for designing your dream life and career. Have a little fun dreaming about what your Sexy Second Act career choice might be, even if it doesn’t seem possible to achieve right now.  

Just like you know what it would FEEL like to live in your dream home, keep dreaming until you know how it would feel to be doing something you love so much, you can’t wait to get started creating it. Your excitement will keep you in action and will attract opportunities you can’t even imagine!

Have you designed your Sexy Second Act? Tell us about it in the comments. If you haven’t designed yours yet, you can take the first step toward clarity by contacting us to find out about doing a Behavior Style Profile as part of your blueprint design.