Open the Door to a New Future!

Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives. ~ Viktor Frankl

In my coaching practice, one of the most challenging questions my clients face is coming up with answers to these questions:

  • “What are your biggest goals?”
  • “What do you want?”
  • “What matters most to you?”

Such questions are often followed by blank stares or long silences or a very sheepish “I don’t know”.

Like some of my clients, you may be challenged by answering these questions too. Most of us are used to being driven by what’s urgent rather than “pulled” by what matters. We rarely stop to check in to see if we are living the best life we can.

Or maybe you DO have a BIG, JUICY GOAL that’s been running around in the back of your mind for a long time. Maybe you’ve given up on it or you’ve come up with a variety of REASONS why it’s not practical or why the timing is all wrong or why it’s “impossible” for you to pursue your biggest and most treasured dreams and goals

No matter where you are in regards to accomplishing your goals, it’s not too late to get a jump start. If you are ready to uncover the goals that really matter to you, or if you’re ready to dust off the goals you’ve put aside for whatever reason, I invite you to come along with me on my video  journey as I pursue one of MY big juicy goals. Along the way, I’ll give you some tips for getting started or re-started on YOUR journey.

And please feel free to send me your questions or share a BIG JUICY GOAL you are pursuing or dreaming about.

Below is the first video in the “Jump Start Your Goals series. Follow along in the succeeding blogs or go to the video blog and view them all at once.


What would it be like to get a fresh start and go after those goals that make life exciting and downright juicy? Call Coach Sue at 949-212-4345 to schedule your complimentary “Get Acquainted” coaching session and jump start YOUR goals today!