Jump Start Your Goals – Step 1 – Set Inspired Intentions

Although actions may speak louder than words, it is our intentions that reveal our soul. ~ Hal Elrod

How often do you create a goal by “should-ing” all over yourself? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that goals crafted from “shoulds” don’t feel very inspiring.

I invite you to think back over the goals you’ve created for your business or your life this year. How have you done so far in accomplishing them? You might find yourself in one of these places:

  • Your goal is complete
  • Your goal is in progress
  • You’ve given up on your goal or forgotten about it

Good job if you accomplished your goal or your goal is moving forward powerfully!

If you haven’t achieved your goals – if you’ve given up, or even if you avoid setting goals at all – what would be possible if you renounced your “shoulds” once and for all in favor of designing a fresh start! What would be possible if you created goals from inspires intentions?

Inspired intentions are not aligned with “should” goals. Inspired intentions arise from experiences you’d like to have.

Are you ready to “play” with creating YOUR goals from inspired intentions? If so, I invite you to watch the short video and begin speculating on your own inspired intentions  that cause you to feel energized and excited about a living into a  future that fulfills and delights you!


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