Find Your Purpose by Taking a God’s Eye View

“Purpose serves as a principle around which to organize our lives.”  ~Anonymous

Ringo Starr was interviewed on TV awhile back about a book he’d assembled from postcards he’d received from the other Beatles.  While discussing the book, he talked about his life during and after the Beatles.

The reporter asked Ringo why he still plays in a band after all these years since the breakup of the Beatles.  He said “Because I’m a drummer.  That’s the gift God gave me.”  When he said it, there was no bravado or arrogance in his voice, only a quiet certainty, clarity and stillness. What he said sounded elegant and beautiful in its simplicity.

I’ve seen that same quiet certainty show up with clients who connect to their life purpose, principles, or mission.  They stop fidgeting.  Their bodies relax.  Everything about them calms down and they become present.  A sense of wonderment comes over their faces when their purpose begins to emerge and they FEEL it and start to form a picture of what life might be like should they allow themselves to live congruently with their Life Purpose.

Take the example of a man I coach who makes a portion of his living as a drummer. Like Ringo, he is clear about his Life Purpose – a piece of which is “To tune in to the rhythm of the Universe” – also beautiful, simple, elegant, and something that almost anyone can connect to.

My client is experiencing life challenges that are compelling him to look at all the places where he’s operating incongruently with his Life Purpose. The bad news is that what he sees isn’t a pretty picture. The good news is that he’s waking up to the cost and he’s becoming less tolerant of distractions that take him away from the rich and rewarding experiences that indicate to him that he’s fulfilling his Life Purpose.

It takes courage and commitment to stand back from the everyday rat race to look at what’s happening in your life from a higher viewpoint – or what a friend calls looking from a “God’s-eye view”. But if you are willing to stick to it, your life challenges seem to morph into blessings sent to remind you of who you TRULY are and what you are passionate about.

Observing how far you have strayed from following your Life Purpose can serve as the perfect wakeup call to help you identify corrective actions that set you back on course. You start intentionally attracting rich and rewarding experiences that make life juicy and well worth living – even in the face of your uncertainties and trials.

When you live in alignment with a bigger Life Purpose or Mission, it doesn’t matter so much what happens on the OUTSIDE, because on the INSIDE, you are tuning in to your own unique and wonderful dance that aligns with the rhythm of the Universe and you are opening yourself up to allowing the Universe to dance with you.


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