Take Your Career from “What If? to “Hell Yeah!”

The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one’s self to destiny.  ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

I used to worry. A LOT! Worrying is anything BUT sexy. It drags you down and it drags everyone around you down.

What-ifs keep you from doing anything the least bit risky…or the least bit exciting or FUN!  That’s not sexy either.

What-ifs stop you if you don’t look beyond whatever yucky outcome your brain comes up with – like…

  • I’ll die
  • I’ll fail
  • I’ll look bad
  • I’ll feel rejected
  • I’ll feel humiliated

That’s where I used to go with my what-ifs. And then I’d hold myself back from doing things my heart called me to do, including creating my Sexy Second Act Career.

“What if” you looked at what-ifs from the perspective of using them to identify problems that need solving or ways to turn road blocks to bridges? Preparation is sexy.

One way to change your perspective is to ask “So-what instead of “What if”?

  • So what if I die?
  • So what if I fail?
  • So what if I look bad?
  • So what if I’m rejected?
  • So what if I’m humiliated?

And then ask yourself, “How likely is it that one or more of those things will happen?” Then consider the ULTIMATE what-if? What if at the end of your life, you are left only with regret when you realize you coulda-shoulda-woulda?

Next, replace “what-if” and “so-what” with “hell yeah” when you think about your dream career or life! Could it be that a “hell yeah!” life looks a bit like this?

  • You get clear about what matters!
  • You commit to living your life from MEMORABLE rather than AVERAGE!
  • You get support from people who want you to win!

Last, ask yourself these FUN-damental questions from the book “Above All Else” by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld…which I HIGHLY recommend:

  • Do the circumstances make it even remotely possible to succeed?
  • Do you want it badly enough
  • Do you realize what it’s going to take to succeed and are you willing to do it?

If the answer is YES!… persist…like NO KIDDING…until it happens!

You just might find yourself saying “HELL YEAH!” when you celebrate that you DID it!

How sexy do you think you’ll feel then?


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