How Do You Turn Roadblocks into Bridges?

“It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles.” — Claude M. Bristol

Sometimes the notion of designing an Encore Career or pursuing a business opportunity can make you feel pretty hopeless. What you hear on the news these days doesn’t help to encourage bringing a fresh business idea or opportunity to fruition. Feelings of fear and hopelessness can keep you feeling blocked far longer than is necessary. Fear and hopelessness create roadblocks that stand between you and the opportunity to create a whole new exciting and productive Encore Career no matter what your past circumstances may have been.

Three Primary Roadblocks Impact Capitalizing on a New Business Idea or Career Opportunity

  • Lack of a clear strategy about what you want or where you want to go after leaving your current job.
  • Non-existent or ineffective systems for holding yourself accountable for creating a new career or turning your business idea into reality
  • Unworkable beliefs that prevent you from taking appropriate action regarding a new business idea or career opportunity.

Here are examples of poor strategies that could block your path:

  • Not knowing what you want
  • Avoiding doing the work to find out
  • Doing things the way you’ve always done them while hoping for a different result
  • Unwillingness to try something new that requires you to move out of your comfort zone when a new business idea or career opportunity shows up.

It’s challenging to be accountable for designing what’s next without support. Here are some possible ways to generate support:

  • Develop a buddy system
  • Form a mastermind group
  • Hire a coach or business advisor.

Your progress speeds up when you find successful ways to be held accountable for your results.

The most important thing to examine is your level of commitment. You are not committed unless you are taking specific, measurable and consistent action to implement your new business idea or career transition strategy.

Unworkable belief systems are generally the result of poor quality thinking. Do you tend to think in terms of extremes like always/never? Should or shouldn’t? Do you find yourself thinking you are in some way defective or deficient? If you feel stuck, listen to your self-talk and test your beliefs. You may need support to do so.

Poor strategy and lack of accountability may be easier to overcome than changing your belief systems. Unworkable belief systems often operate below the surface of your awareness. Others may see your blinds spots more clearly than you do, which is a good reason to open yourself up to constructive feedback from trusted advisors and friends.

The first step for tackling whatever road blocks are preventing you from pursuing a new business idea or the career opportunity of your dreams is to acknowledge where you are stuck or stopped. The less likely you are to open up about what’s stopping you, the more likely it is to become the elephant in the room. It takes energy, persistence and commitment to turn your roadblocks into bridges. The good news is that the journey of discovery will be well worth your effort.

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