How Your Sexy Second Act Makes a Difference

 Turning up our light in the presence of those whose light is dim becomes the difference that makes the difference.  ~ Eric Allenbauth

This isn’t what you think. It’s not an article about making a difference by running off and joining the Peace Corps or volunteering, or working at a non-profit.

Those are great things to do if you are wired that way. But if you’re not, it won’t work. Instead of turning up your light, it will dim your light.

How Do You Turn Up Your Light?

Gaining clarity about what you love doing is what makes a difference for you and for others. Doing what you love turns up your light. The joy you experience while doing what you love turns up your light. Doing something fulfilling that gives your life meaning turns up your light.

And you won’t be able to help shining that light on others. It’s an inevitable outcome.

My clients wonder how doing what they love makes a difference.  They don’t understand that when they work doing something they love, no matter what they are doing, it has value.

Instead, they trivialize their gifts. Through my own experience I’ve come to believe that we are not supposed to judge our gifts as being more or less valuable than anyone else’s. Your gifts are uniquely your gifts. Your job is to surrender to joy and learn to use your gifts in a way that invites or attracts people who may benefit from them.

Some clients think they can’t design a career that includes a variety of things they love. They think they must focus on one thing.

I believe that with imagination and current technology, we can design a one of a kind career that lights us up and attracts the perfect people to our light. When that light shines, the pathway for making a difference opens up. Ways to make money while making a difference will open up too.

If you want to design a career that makes a difference, stop looking at what has been done in the past. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and comparing it to what you are doing.

Hit the pause button on your brain’s incessant nagging about what you “should” be doing and listen for the inner spark that ignites your love light. And then let it shine. The rest of us will be glad you did. We need you to make a difference in your own unique, delicious, and sexy way so we can shine more brightly too.

If you want a little inspiration to start turning up your light, we invite you to listen to our favorite version of “Turn on Your Love Light” by our friend Pattie Spadaro and the Patti Spadaro Band. She’s a role model for what we are talking about. She’s a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and musician who can wail it on the guitar! 

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