How Do You Put Your Love To Work?

Don’t accept the lie that work has to be miserable and dreams are for other people. They are for everyone. ~ Jon Acuff

Growing up, I never imagined I’d end up working most of my life for an engineering and construction company. What I do remember dreaming about was becoming an author.

I’m not sure I ever said it out loud to my parents or to anyone else. I’m not sure my parents would have nurtured that dream even if I had spoken it out loud. They probably would have thought of writing as a nice hobby, but not as a practical career.

Fast forward a lifetime and here I am, finally putting my dream to be an author in motion. For me, writing a book isn’t about becoming a best-selling author. That would be nice, of course. But it’s the icing on the cake, not the cake.

The cake is making a lifetime dream come true. The cake is going to my grave with no regrets, regardless of whether I sink or swim. The cake is doing my best to contribute something of value to the world with my words.

Has it been an easy process so far? Oh, heck no.

Some days, when I’m “in the flow”, it feels delicious and easy. But then there are those other days when it feels like I am slogging through mud – tired, discouraged, and ready to throw in the towel. Those are the days when I believe I must be nuts.

If I am nuts, then that’s okay. As a friend often reminds me, sanity is highly overrated.

When you think about it, love is often weird and crazy and makes no sense to anyone looking in from the outside. The important thing is whether or not doing what you love makes sense to you.

No one said it was always going to be easy. And no one said it’s always going to feel like fun.

Which brings me to the point.

The fun comes from finding out once and for all whether or not you can do the things that matter most to you. What you find out about yourself is what makes it worthwhile.

What does it mean to you to put love to work? Is it winning the World Cup? Running for President? Building a starship, inventing the cure for cancer, raising your kids to be vibrant adults, living a fulfilling married life, or starting your own business?

It doesn’t matter what the thing is as long as it’s important to you. On the days when nothing seems to click, putting your love to work helps you remember that it doesn’t matter whether you actually get the result. Fulfillment, satisfaction, confidence and joy come from knowing you’ve given it everything you’ve got.

That’s all we can ask of ourselves and each other. And that’s enough. So dig deeply. Get clear about what you know you will regret going to the grave without having done.

Make a list. Prioritize it.

Talk about what matters with the people who matter to you, the ones you trust to have your back no matter how wild and crazy you think your ideas sound. Create a support system, whether it’s a coach, friendship circle, or mastermind group.  Meet regularly for accountability and sharing.

And most important of all, make a commitment to your higher self that you will put love to work in a way that honors you and serves others.  When you put love to work with faith and integrity, love will give you back blessings in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

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