Successful Career Transitions Require Passion, Purpose, a Paycheck®…and a Parachute!

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” ~ Louise E. Boone

A comment posted by a friend on a Facebook photo of my skydiving experience made me chuckle. He posted “Passion, Purpose, a Paycheck…and a Parachute!”

That made me think!

It’s a no-brainer that most successful career transtions require Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck®. In addition, wouldn’t you just LOVE to have a parachute?

Just like skydiving, making a big career change feels risky. It would be INSANE to throw yourself out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute. It would also be insane to throw yourself out of a perfectly good job, even if you hate it, into designing a Sexy Second Act Career without a different kind of parachute. 

The difference is that you don’t know how to pack your own chute to design successful career transitions. Unlike skydiving, no one can pack your “chute” for you or jump out of the “plane” with you.

There is a place you can turn to for help and support. Career Transition Coaching provides a way to help you pack your parachute BEFORE you either voluntarily jump or are pushed out of your job.

What does packing your own parachute to successfully jump into your Sexy Second Act career look like? Here are Five “P” Steps that can help get you ready to jump with confidence:

Step 1 – PLAY

Step 2PLAN 

Step 3 – PREPARE


Step 5 – PERFORM

Sounds simple, right? But not easy. Stay tuned for future blogs as we talk about each step in greater detail for how successful career transitions are possible.


Want to begin packing your own parachute so you can jump into a successful career transition? Don’t live with “could have, might have, and should have”. Contact Coach Sue at 949-212-4345 or email to schedule your complimentary “Get Acquainted” coaching session and begin!