Making a Career Change Takes Practice

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ~ Aristotle

Making a career change to a “Sexy Second Act” isn’t something most of us can just wake up one morning and do. We aren’t eighteen anymore. We have responsibilities and obligations and other people to consider.

The good news is that while it may take time and creative maneuvering, making a career change IS possible. Not only that, it can be an exciting adventure!

If you’ve been following the blog, you know we’ve talked about these steps …

Step 1 – Giving yourself permission to play, visualize and dream

Step 2 – Designing a plan

Step 3 – Preparation – committing to doing what you must do to make a career change

Lastly, Step 4 – Practicing as you hone in on how you want to use your gifts to make a career change that excites and delights you.

The biggest hurdle to overcome when making a career change is to practice thinking like a beginner.  As a beginner in your first career, you probably weren’t all that good at your craft. Perhaps you had some education, but it likely didn’t take you long to see the difference between book learning and “real” life experience. It may have been a long and winding road, but you kept at it until you mastered your craft.

Thinking like a beginner opens you up to sweet surprise. If making a career change to create your “Sexy Second Act” goes like mine has gone, you’ll discover things about yourself you never knew. You’ll feel alive like you may not have felt since you were young.

But you may also at times feel awkward, silly, and uncomfortable. Just like with your first career, making a career change takes time, dedication, and practice.

It’s an evolutionary process. What you end up doing may look nothing like what you start out doing. What matters is that you keep at it until you create something that is uniquely you. Once you do, you will attract serendipitous opportunities, support, and people.

When you create your Sexy Second Act, you are creating art. Seth Godin says: “By my definition, most art has nothing to do with oil paint or marble. Art is what we’re doing when we do our best work.” And we do our best work when we’re doing what we love.

So start creating! And practice, practice, practice!


Are you stuck on any of the steps to making a career change? Completing a Behavior Style profile may be just the thing to help you begin building a bridge to your Sexy Second Act Career. Contact Coach Sue at 949-212-4345 or email to get your questions answered.