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Starting Your Business – Scary Excuse #2

“Instead of making excuses, why not make something happen?” Greg Hickman ​Nothing can be scarier when you are thinking about starting a business than believing that you don’t know how to do it. That stops many people in their tracks. We live in a culture where not knowing how to do something is grounds for a smack-down – at least in the media or on social media. Who wants to intentionally set themselves up for that? Nobody I know. The thing is – if you knew how to start a business, you would already be doing it. Setting yourself up to
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Starting Your Business – Scary Excuse #1

We can always work for less when we have more to live for. ~ S. Stephen McKenney Let’s face it. If you are in the thinking/dreaming phase of starting your business, money probably ranks at or near the top of your list of scary excuses not to do it. I get it. It certainly ranked at the top of mine when I dreamed of started my coaching practice. This concern weighs heavier if you are making a drastic change out of your corporate job into entrepreneurship, or if you are shifting into a completely different field. Here are a few questions
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