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Twelve Thanksgiving Reflections on Gratitude

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. ~ W. T. Purkiser Thanksgiving is upon us. There is so much to be grateful for this year I thought I’d list a few things using the word Thanksgiving as my inspiration. T – Trust I’m thankful for a seminar where I learned that we can trust everyone to be exactly how they are and exactly how they are not. What that means to me is that if there is someone in your life who has demonstrated they are not trustworthy
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How to Embrace Your Leadership Qualities

Instead of looking for a great leader, we are in an era where each of us needs to find the great leader in ourselves. ~ Werner Erhard How often do you stop to think about great leadership qualities? You may think about it in terms of leaders you admire. But do you think about your own leadership qualities? I recently attended an excellent leadership course. It took us in a different direction when it comes to examining outstanding leadership qualities. Rather than talking about the doing of leadership, we spent two days inquiring about what it takes to be a leader.
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