Want to Design a Bad-Ass Destiny?

But how will I know it’s my destiny?

Like love it will possess you … You Can’t Help But Know ~ Gail Tsukiyama

In my last post, I shared why I believe creating a vision is so dang hard. Here are a few ideas about how to let those thoughts go so you can focus on creating your bad-ass destiny.

Begin with where you put your focus.  Putting attention on where “can”, “will”, and “possible” thinking can take you.

1)  “Can” thinking gives you the power to dream again. Yield to the power of dreaming with no filters or limitations.

Play freely with everything your heart wants for you – loving relationships, amazing adventures, joyful moments, fulfilling experiences, and generous contribution and acknowledgement of your gifts and talents through work that fully engages you.

When you put the puzzle pieces of your unique dream together, “can” thinking helps you design a workable strategy to make it happen. You will draw resources and opportunities to you effortlessly.

2)  “Can” thinking helps you vision adventure without expectations.  Adventures are about having a destination in mind while staying flexible and having fun even when you encounter unexpected twists and turns.

Focusing on the adventure keeps it lively, fun, and creative. You’re more likely to have the energy to keep going even if the going gets tough.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to close the gap between where you are now and where you are meant to go to accomplish your dream.  When you get there, you may discover a bigger dream or that what you have accomplished so far is only a piece of the puzzle.

The bad news is that there will always be a gap. The good news is that the gap is designed to keep your life and your dream entertaining and fun. Keep growing!

What fun would life be if you knew how it was going to turn out from the day you were born? Just because it’s uncertain doesn’t mean it’s unsafe.

How many times have you started your day and had it go completely differently than you thought it would? How many times were you delightfully surprised by a much better outcome than you could have imagined?

3)  “Can” thinking helps you increase your tolerance of uncertainty one step at a time. Take a step out of your comfort zone, then another, and then another. With each step you will become more confident.

You’ll discover that the path to certainty requires action. Each step you take toward your dream makes it seem more achievable. You may not be able to see the whole staircase, but luckily you only have to see the next few steps.

4) “Can” thinking says that just because you don’t know how right now doesn’t mean you won’t figure it out. Overcoming obstacles, facing and conquering challenges, and defeating limiting beliefs are all part of the fun.

Step to the beat of your own drummer. Learn to walk tall and confident. Trust your inner vision and act in alignment with your destiny despite outward appearances.

Surrender to your dreams. Allow them to possess you and burn you up so that at the end, you do skid in sideways, chocolate and your favorite beverage in hand, exhausted to the bone, feeling delightfully, passionately, and deliciously used up!

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