Tackling Your Transition

How to Go from Chaos to Clarity

Prerequisite: Sexy Second Act: Laying the Foundation for Building a Life and Career of Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck®

Transitions are easy! Said no one. Ever.

Tackling a career or life transition is not for the faint of heart. You feel uncomfortable, unsettled, and overwhelmed. You may wonder where to even begin.

In six group coaching sessions of sixty minutes each, you will learn my secrets for how you can tackle any career or life transition with courage, grace, and peace of mind. Whether you are experiencing a career transition, life transition, or relationship transition, you will leave the course with tools you can use from now on to not only survive any transition but to thrive.

Session #1 – Embracing Your Transition
Embracing any transition successfully requires reflection. In this session, you’ll reflect on your personal strengths and how to appreciate your accomplishments. You’ll identify areas where you might wish to further grow and develop yourself.

Session #2 – Exploring Your Transition
Times of transition can be an opportunity to reflect, have gratitude for, and celebrate, the themes, patterns, and transformations that have occurred as a result of your personal journey.

Session #3 – Energizing Your Transition
In this session, you’ll learn how to identify and remove obstacles and limiting beliefs that stand between you and the clarity you seek for designing and building an exciting new future.

Session #4 – Expediting Your Transition
In this session, you will

Session #5 – Executing Your Transition
Now it’s time to execute. You’ve done the hard work.

Session #6 – Energizing Your Transition
The best way to tackle your transition is by continuing to live as if you will always be in transition. In this session, you will design an action plan for moving forward with your dreams and goals even in times of uncertainty.