How Can a Personal Insights Profile Help You Switch Careers?

Each of us is shaped by the truth of our natures.

~ Adrian Phoenix ~

Making a decision to switch careers, especially later in life, can feel extremely daunting. Luckily, there are tools you can put in your toolbox to help you determine a direction that you are excited about pursuing. Learning to activate your internal guidance system can help you make the right decision when you are ready to switch careers, and you are not yet certain about your new direction.

Completing a Personal Insights Profile minimizes the guesswork required for how to choose the career, relationships, and lifestyle that fit your personality, goals, and desires. Combined with tools like journaling, hiring a coach, meditation, and researching career alternatives, you can exponentially speed up the process of switching careers.

Another benefit is that a Personal Insights Profile helps you increase your self-awareness. That alone puts you way ahead of many people who want to switch careers, because you will be able to speak authentically about your strengths and weakness.

A Personal Insights Profile makes you aware of how to communicate with others who have different styles, increasing your personal power of persuasion, effectiveness and productivity. This escalates your ability to get what you want, especially if you want switch careers to a completely new field.

What Is a Personal Insights Profile?

A Personal Insights Profile is a tool designed to reveal aspects of your behavior that you may or may not be consciously aware of. To complete one, you generally fill out a simple multiple choice questionnaire. Afterward, depending on the type of profile you select, you’ll usually be sent a report describing one or more aspects of your behavior style.

Some Personal Insights Profiles are more involved than others. They offer you additional information about what motivates you and other aspects of your personal style. This information can be invaluable to help you hone in on the type of environment or culture you will best thrive in when you switch careers.

How Does a Personal Insights Profile Help?

Let’s say you’re an accountant and you’re feeling generally bored and unhappy. You decide to complete a Personal Insights Profile and it tells you that you value creativity. This may be something you never realized or perhaps you dismissed or denied it. You now have the ability to explore that aspect of your style.

Does this mean you have to switch careers? No, absolutely not! Unless, of course, you truly hate accounting and are courageous about wanting to move to a new field.

If you love accounting, the question to explore might be how to bring more creativity into your current job. Be willing to give yourself permission to play with all options, no matter how over the top you think they might seem.

  • Would you like to start your own accounting firm?
  • Would you like to create an online game or app that teaches financial responsibility?
  • Would you like to write a book about accounting?

Your options are wide open and depend solely on your imagination!

The Choice to Switch Careers is Ultimately Up to You

Personal Insights Profiles won’t answer every question for you. They do, however, shine a light on possibilities. While they can help you take the first step in dreaming about the kind of career switch you want to make, you must do the work and make your own choices about what you want your “Sexy Second Act” career or lifestyle to be.

That doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. I have seen how combining a Personal Insights Profile with coaching can help you create an inspired context for making a career switch you are grateful for and love waking up to each day.  And isn’t life too short to have it any other way?

Have you got a story about how a Personal Insights Profile has helped you switch careers? Share in the comments.

If you are thinking about switching careers and want clarity about your direction, let’s explore! Schedule your complimentary “get acquainted” coaching session to learn more.