Get FIERCE with Reality!

You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done, which may take some time, you are fierce with reality. ~ Flonda Scott Maxwell

Do you ever read words that stop you in your tracks? The words “fierce with reality” in this quote stopped me in mine the first time I read them.

What does it mean to be “fierce with reality”? My friend Teri gave me this definition she learned from one of her teachers, Martin Sage:

“Fierceness” is an actualized state in the world of being awake and playing a life game of win-win as opposed to playing a fear based game of win-lose or lose-lose. It’s about taking responsibility and owning all of your life.

How can you take responsibility for your  circumstances and learn to apply being “fierce with reality” to your own life? Here are some ways my clients do it:

  • They accept and take responsibility for being wherever they are in their lives as a result of the choices they make from moment to moment, whether or not they are conscious of making those choices.
  • They take responsibility and forgive themselves for choices that didn’t work out. They see failure as an “event” rather than as something they “are”.
  • They take responsibility and forgive others who have caused them pain. They accept that they are not “victims” who have been “done to”.  They recognize that others do what they do as a result of their own views about themselves and life.
  • They take responsibility to learn from their mistakes and they apply what they’ve learned to design a life based on better choices.
  • They see life as an adventure. They are willing to take responsibility for embracing the unknown with courage, commitment, curiosity and a sense of play.
  • They take responsibility for becoming so clear about who they are and what they want that it becomes effortless to establish clear boundaries around their priorities, time and energy.
  • They stop going it alone and take responsibility for surrounding themselves with like-minded people who support them and who they support in return.

It actually takes being Fierce with Reality to take responsibility for living a life of bliss, joy and abundance. Life is not fun for the faint of heart.

This is a great time of year to view your life from a higher ground perspective. What life events would you have to claim to be “fierce with reality”? What would you have get authentic about, let go of, accept, and take responsibility for to live life at the level you’ve always dreamed about?


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