Does Your Sexy Second Act Include Ways to Make a Difference?

“Your thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around you.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

I used to think lofty thoughts about ways to make a difference. It started at a young age when I went to Mexico with my parents and saw children begging. It hurt me in a way I didn’t know how to explain. I felt helpless to change anything. It was too big a problem and I was too little.

These days, with life moving so fast and with so many responsibilities and obligations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed thinking about ways to make a difference in a world changing manner and how to find time to do it. It still feels like too big a problem and I still feel too little.

It’s Simpler than You Think

I learned a valuable lesson in my corporate days. I was called in on a weekend to work on an upcoming proposal presentation to be delivered on Monday morning. It didn’t particularly thrill me to work on a Saturday in an office without weekend air conditioning. Needless to say, it was an uncomfortable day. But without saying anything negative, I went to work and completed my assignment.

My boss called the next morning with news that put the frosting on the cake. When he and the team rehearsed the presentation, they decided to change a few things and they literally cut the presentation to pieces and reconfigured it.

That meant rework for me. It meant another weekend day shot and another hot and miserable experience. But without further ado, I reworked the presentation and completed it in time for Monday morning.

Afterward, my boss called me into his office and thanked me, not only for coming in, but for keeping a good attitude under duress. He said that by staying cheerful and not complaining, the attitude of the entire team got better.

That was the last thing on my mind. I had no idea anyone even noticed. I had a job to do and I did it. It was a delightful surprise to learn that without even knowing it, I had made a difference.

Begin Where You Are

It’s wonderful to want to make a big “change the world” difference. But “change the world” projects are too big for most of us. If you feel too little to tackle the big ones, make a difference in YOUR world. In your world, you are big enough.

The essence of how you can make a difference is already within you. It starts when you consistently operate in alignment with what matters to you. Aligned action ripples outward from you to impact others.

Starting where you are to make a difference will lead you to your Sexy Second Act. And your Sexy Second Act will open up magical opportunities, synchronicities and ways to make a difference in bigger and better ways that light you up, align with your purpose, and bring you a paycheck as you paint the world around you in bright, happy colors!


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