Dancing with Your Dreams is Downright Sexy!

Someone with their feet planted firmly on the ground has no hope of reaching the stars.”

~ Kelsey Dun

Humans have the gift of being able to gaze into the future with wonder, delight, excitement and curiosity. We have the ability to dance with all manner of dreams and possibilities. It’s too bad this gift is often “de-geniused” early in our lives.

A friend says that dancing with your dreams is like going “shoe shopping in the Catalog of the Universe.” What a fun analogy for what dreaming is all about. Trying things on. Looking to see what fits and what doesn’t. Discovering the perfect fit dream-shoes that make you feel like a million bucks.

Have you been told to stop dancing with your dreams and get practical? Is that something you tell yourself? If so, it’s time to stop listening!

Get those cherished and tarnished dream-shoes out of your closet and polish them up. Try them on. Start dancing. How do they feel?

Okay. Some of your dreams may have gone out of style or they no longer fit. Don’t worry if you discover it’s time to shop for new dream-shoes. Just let yourself have fun!

Somewhere in your “Catalog of the Universe” you’ll locate the dream-shoes specifically meant for you to dance in. Dreams meant for you to manifest fit like wearing designer shoes. They feel so comfortable that dancing in them feels effortless – like dancing on a cloud.

Authentic dreams aren’t “pipedreams” or “hopes” or “wishes”. When they are truly yours, you will feel like Cinderella or the Handsome Prince at the ball. You’ll be dancing with your dreams happily all night long!

You’ll want to invite your friends to party with you. You’ll be excited to help them put on their dream-shoes too!

Here’s the Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that dreams come with an expiration date. If you decide to sit on the sidelines and be a wallflower instead of dancing with your dreams, someone else will be invited to dance.

The good news is that there are limitless numbers of dreams in the Catalog of the Universe. If you lose out on dancing with a dream, keep shopping. Bring yourself back to delight and curiosity. You’ll discover more exciting ideas and dreams to dance with than you can fulfill in a single lifetime.

I love experiencing what happens when my clients start dancing with even one dream. It doesn’t matter how they dance. It doesn’t even matter if they start doing a waltz and end up doing a cha-cha.

Teeny steps and giant leaps lead to awe inspiring results. I haven’t seen it fail yet.

One client started dancing with a dream to travel across country with her dog. Some daunting family circumstances interrupted her dream. So she kept shopping until she came up with a second dream she could complete at home.

As her new dream took shape, fresh ideas and dreams started popping up in her personal Catalog of the Universe. She now has two or three fun projects going on that she’s excited about, all of which have money making potential.

Even though she has to stick pretty close to home for now, she’s living a bigger life than she thought she could live! And she’s happy! Rather than complaining about what’s keeping her home, she’s taking it a day at a time and dancing, dancing, dancing with her dreams.

Dancing with your dreams is like any other practice. It may feel awkward at first. You may not look especially polished or elegant in the beginning. So what? Looking good is not the point. Feeling good is the point! 

What did you ever learn that you were good at – or looked good doing – when you started? The only thing that matters is that you keep trying on dream-shoes, dancing, and having a great time.  

Who knows? You may find yourself dancing among the stars, or at the very least you’ll be dancing with stars in your eyes. And that’s downright sexy!


Are you tired of being “practical”? Are you ready to start dancing with your dreams? Coach Sue wants to help you try on dream-shoes and get your “sexy” on. Contact Sue to schedule your complimentary “get acquainted” coaching session or give her a call at 949-212-4345.