Ask Power Questions to Jump Start Your Year!

To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions ~Sam Keen

I’ve developed a habit you might think is weird. Thanks to my coach, I started collecting power questions. I save them into a folder and as I’m creating my vision for the year, I pull them out and use them to reflect on the past year, where I am in my life right now, and how to get a jump start on what I want to create for the future.  It’s making a HUGE difference in how I approach my life and how I approach creating goals for the year.

The latest questions I’ve collected come from Michael Beckwith who was featured in the movie “The Secret”. If you ask no others this year, these three questions are a great place to start for getting a jump start on your goals:

  • How can I grow?
  • How can I give?
  • What can I celebrate?

A friend of mine calls our brains “biological onboard computers”. Aside from running our biological systems, its job, as motivational speaker Tony Robbins suggests, is to store data and solve problems. And just like any other computer, if you feed it junk questions, it will spit out junk answers.

One way to start cleaning out your junk drawer questions is to exchange them for power questions that jump start you toward new ways of thinking. My coaching colleague, Practical Prosperity Coach Caroll Michel Schwartz, and I created a set of power questions we’re calling Fresh Start Reflections to help you complete the past year to jump start and DESIGN your new year powerfully and passionately.

I invite you to take a look at the Tony Robbins video below and jot down the Power Questions he asks. Consider that January is “jump start” month for designing how your year is likely to go and then reflect on whether you are asking junk questions or Power Questions. Are the questions you are currently asking likely to take you down the same old road or down the highway to a brand new adventure?

Something interesting happens when you start asking power questions and digging deep for the answers:

  • You’ll discover gold you may have buried underneath the daily doings of life
  • Sharing power questions and answers with people who are important in your life leads to power conversations
  • Power conversations lead to unpredictable and exciting new directions and destinations

Sometimes it takes courage to ask power questions. Sometimes you must ask others for information and feedback about you. It may require you to open yourself up and be vulnerable. What if you were to consider asking your spouse, friends or co-workers questions like this?

  • What is it like to live/work with me?
  • What’s one thing I could do this year to enhance our marriage, friendship or working relationship?
  • What’s one thing I could STOP doing this year to enhance our marriage, friendship or relationship?

I know several couples who annually sit down and ask these types of questions. This is a way for them to gather fuel to re-ignite and jump start passion and purpose in their relationships.

Your stomach might do flip-flops just thinking about asking power questions.  You may be putting yourself on a wild ride for awhile. The good news is that you will end up feeling alive and energized, and excited about the new possibilities you discover.


Career and Life Design Coaching is all about helping you ask power questions – and answering them powerfully too. If you are struggling to find the answers that will lead you to your “Sexy Second Act” life or career, contact me to schedule your complimentary “get acquainted” coaching session. Let’s explore together!