Are You Living in Black and White or in Bold, Beautiful Color?

“At the center of Bold Moves are the choices people make every day about how to live their lives – that’s what drives the action.” ~ Cisco Codina

A client who has been out of touch for several weeks called me recently. He’s been experiencing a number of trials in his life, one of which is a significant health challenge. He told me he’s been doing some deep soul searching and he needed time on his own to think and reflect.

He told me this health challenge is his wake-up call to take stock of where he is in his life and where he wants to go from here in the areas of health, career, relationships and how he spends his free time.

That’s what happens with coaching. Once you get present to what’s working and not working in your life, it becomes much more of a challenge to “tolerate” anything that’s not working.

Rather than giving up in the face of his health challenge, my client sees it as an opportunity to make bold moves rather than putting them off for “someday”. He realizes that by the time “someday” gets here, he could be dead.

He’s ready to implement several bold moves over the next few months. They won’t be easy moves to make, but for the first time since I’ve been working with him, I hear excitement and curiosity in his voice, I see a sparkle in his eyes and color in his cheeks where there has been a gray sort of monotone and dullness.

Living a “tolerable” life or working at a “tolerable” job or in a “tolerable” work environment can be like living in a monotone or living in black and white.  We may not recognize that the color has gone out of our lives because it generally occurs slowly over time. Sometimes it takes a jolt such as a career transition or life transition such as the unexpected end of a long-term relationship or a health crisis to snap us out of black and white living and open us up to once again living life in bold and beautiful color.

Check into your energy. Do you feel drained and devoid of the spark that you used to have? If your answer is yes, think about what choices and bold moves you can make NOW to put the color back into your life. Don’t wait for a life or career crisis to shock you out of your comfort zone.

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