One of my favorite things about my friends and clients is that they want to give back and they are doing so in big ways. They have causes they feel passionate about and they’ve created their own Non-Profits or Foundations. These organizations are either a big part of their Encore Careers or a big part of their lives.

We wish to honor and celebrate the joy of giving back by listing trusted causes my clients, friends either created or support. I’ve included links to their websites where you can learn more about their causes and donate if the spirit moves you. What might be possible for you in terms of an Encore Career or Protirement if you included the fulfillment of giving back? What would it be like to create a second act career that supports a cause YOU feel passionate about?

Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope
Ever since I met him, Cameron has inspired me to consider the courage and commitment it takes to commit your life to others in the face of daunting circumstances. In September 2008, I was privileged to attend Cameron’s very first Fundraiser where he launched his life grant program. It was wonderful to see Cameron offer hope to a young person who was overcoming life threatening illness.
Fields of Life
My friend Nick Jordan went to Uganda to break ground on the Joan Jordan Primary School named in honor of his late sister. This school is part of a bigger project called Fields of Life. Nick is helped to raise money to drill a water well so the children have clean, accessible drinking water. You can see all the schools being built by going to the Fields of Life website at

Women for Women International
This cause first attracted me after I saw a segment about it on the Oprah show. It’s been very heartwarming over the years to receive letters from women I’ve sponsored and reading their stories about how they went from feeling hopeless to finding new possibilities in the businesses they are creating. Not only do they find new confidence in themselves, they often take what they learn back to their villages and teach other women what they’ve learned. Find out more about this organization at,

Friends of Shamwari
Founder and Executive Director, Erik Luchs, has been a friend for many years. We’ve supported and encouraged each other through a number of career and life transitions. For the past few years, Erik has been creating his Encore Career. He’s pursuing his passion to give back by creating a non-profit organization. He and his team are on a quest to provide assistance to the people of Zimbabwe. Erik is currently working on two primary projects in Zimbabwe – Project Mobility and Project Care. To learn more, donate or volunteer, visit Friends of Shamwari

Full Bellies, Warm Hearts
Paul A. Peck and Associates are doing a fabulous job supporting homeless people in Southern California. Full Bellies Warm Hearts had 5 parts – supporting kids, love and care for women, an old fashioned barbeque, professionally done family photos, and mulching the shelter’s outdoor area.
Please watch the short video below for details on how to donate or volunteer your time.

Love to All Communities, Inc.

If you met my friend Raul Lozano, you would fall instantly in love. He’s playful, funny, spiritual, and has a heart as big as the Universe. The biggest part of Raul’s heart goes to supporting orphanages in Mexico where he is making a huge difference for abandoned and abused children. I dare you to watch this video on Raul’s website and not be moved to tears. If you have a heart for helping children, this organization can use your help with a donation or as a volunteer.