How many years has it been since you started your first career? Ten? Twenty? Thirty or more? Are you the same person you were back then?

If you are like most of us, the answer is a resounding “NO!” The world has changed. Work has changed. You’ve changed. A lot!

Are you starting to wonder if this is all there is? If the answer is “YES!” you are not alone. You are like many of us who want something more. You still have many productive years ahead of you and you don’t want to be shuffled off to the sidelines. You want to do work that includes three elements:

  1. Passion – Doing work you love. Maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe it’s something you dreamed of a long time ago and gave up on because you thought (or someone told you) you had to be “practical” when it came to a career choice. Maybe it’s inventing something totally new and surprising.
  2. Purpose – Doing work that has meaning and makes a difference. It’s about doing work that fills you up, excites you to get up every day and allows you to give back. It’s about leaving a legacy.
  3. A Paycheck – You are not ready to retire and you are not old enough to collect Social Security nor do you WANT to. But you DO need or want to have an income.

The SWEET SPOT is where all three elements come together. How would it feel to look forward to exciting new possibilities rather than looking backward with regret at what seems like opportunities lost?

We’ve been where you are now. We know the uncertainty you are facing. We know it takes courage.

But if you are ready to to step up, and you want to learn more about how to find YOUR personal SWEET SPOT, the Universe responds to people who take action! We can’t wait to help you get started creating your Sexy Second Act Life or Career!

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