From Retired to Rewired

How to Design Your Sexy Second Act and Build a Life of Significance

  • Have you thought about the legacy you want to leave?
  • Are you ready to retire, but wonder what you’ll do with your time, talent, and energy?
  • Are you ready to re-invent the perception of “golden years” as an avenue for expressing your authentic self by doing work that matters, and doing it your way?

You’re never too young to start thinking about designing your Sexy Second Act! And no matter how old you are, it’s not too late to begin.

Join me for a fun workshop where you will begin to look at ways you can design a significant and meaningful way to live and work in the second half of life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A clear understanding of how retirement is changing
  • The differences between boomers and earlier generations when it comes to retirement
  • The “crazy” beliefs that keep us stuck and how to eliminate them
  • What it takes to remodel your future and design your Sexy Second Act
  • How to define for yourself what gives you significance in the second half of life

Here are the details:

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Space is limited so reserve your spot today!!