This course is designed for graduates of our after Goals in Motiontm: Making Goal Setting Sexy Again! program. In that course, you learned to set goals that matter – what we call Big Juicy Goals – from your unique desire rather than from what you were taught to believe you “should” do.  You left the course excited to manifest your Big, Juicy Goals into reality!

You’ve been on the court, practicing what you learned. And now you’re telling us you want more!

Why? Because you’ve tasted success…and you now know there is much more to learn about manifesting your desires. That’s so exciting!

You’ve told us you want to know how to consistently blow through obstacles to manifest your Big, Juicy Goals with a feeling of fun and ease. You are hungry for that level of mastery. 

“I’ve got my goal – NOW what?”

Whether it’s a personal goal that enriches your life or a business goal that enriches your pockets, you left the first course with amazing and bodaciously badass goals. You left us inspired as we watched you start taking action!

But you know what happens when you step up to play a new and bigger game; sometimes you hit the ball – and sometimes you miss it. Becoming a master at anything, including manifesting dreams, requires practice. Lots and lots of practice! And learning new techniques!

You aren’t satisfied with hit or miss results. Your biggest question is “Now that I’ve got my goal, how can I keep my goals in motion and manifest consistent results?”

Manifesting Sexy Goals with Mastery is designed to answer that question!

This course is designed exclusively for our Goals in Motion: Making Goal Setting Sexy Again! graduates and our select personal coaching clients who demonstrate they are ready to become Manifesting Masters.

Coach Sue shares her advanced manifesting techniques and strategies – every secret she’s learned and practiced in over 10 years as a professional coach:

  • How to give up resistance
  • How to focus with intention on what you wan
  • How to quickly achieve results that surprise and delight you.

This course is less about delivering content and more about coaching you into effective action to keep your goals in motion and manifest them consistently Here is an overview of what you will focus on each week of the six-part course.

Week 1 – Manifesting Clarity

You’ll share about actions you’ve taken on your Big, Juicy Goal. You’ll PRACTICE sharing what’s working and NOT working. You’ll get coaching on how to identify where you stop yourself and what’s standing between you and taking action.

Week 2 – Manifesting Power

You’ll get coaching on effective ways to practice using two Keys to Power from the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne to move your Big, Juicy Goals forward in surprising and delightful ways.

Week 3 – Manifesting Possibility

You’ll get coaching on how to truly BELIEVE your dream is possible using the Third Key to Power to help you break through your limits and propel your Big, Juicy Goal forward!

Week 4 – Manifesting Commitment

You’ll learn how to create a simple Action Plan that leads you step by step toward manifesting your Big, Juicy Goal. You will know for certain just how badly you WANT it and what you are willing to DO to reach it.

Week 5 – Manifesting Results

You’ll identify specific types of obstacles that stand between you and your Big, Juicy Goals and you’ll get effective coaching on how to overcome each of them.

Week 6 – Manifesting Success

You’ll celebrate your accomplishments and the launch – or re-launch – of your BIGGEST, JUICIEST Goals yet!

If you are ready to go manifest mastery in achieving your goals, this is exactly the course for you!

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